All assets of the Unit Trust, including investments and money awaiting investment, are held by the custodian, Standard Chartered Securities Services (SCSS) for safe keeping on behalf of the unit trust members. Payments can only be made once SCSS receives instructions from authorized signatories. Zimele Asset Management Company does not take clients' funds into its bank accounts, its role is restricted to providing investment management services to the Unit Trust, for which it earns a management fee. This structure considerably reduces operational risks.

The other risk is market or investment risk. Ultimately, the safety of your money depends on where it is invested, if it is invested in government securities, it is very safe since they are guaranteed by the government through the Central Bank of Kenya. If it is invested in shares of companies listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), then you may be exposed to market risk, which can be reduced through diversification. Avoiding a short-term holding period helps you to considerably reduce market risk, the longer the holding period, the lower the investment risk and the better the investment performance.

Your choice of fund will be influenced by how long you want to invest. We recommend the Money Market for short term durations. In this fund, your principal will be secure and you will earn interest on a monthly basis. If you are looking at investing for one year or longer, we recommend the Balanced Fund which tends to perform better over the long term.
Upon receiving a duly completed withdrawal request, the funds are paid directly to a member's bank account or sent via mobile money transfer. Withdrawals requests are usually processed and funds transferred within three days.

  • Through cheques, whether personal or bankers.
  • Through direct debits or standing orders.
  • Through cash deposits to the unit trust bank accounts. Cash deposits are not accepted at the Zimele offices.
  • Through mobile money payments services.