1. How safe is your money?

All money received by the Zimele Personal Pension Plan is in the custody of Kenya Commercial Bank Custody Services.

The custodian periodically reports to the Trustee (National Bank of Kenya) and the regulator, the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA).This structure minimizes risk and enhances the safety of your money. Where is your money invested? Zimele Asset Management Company Limited manages all investments of the Zimele Personal Pension Plan.

Money is invested in safe and stable investments including:

  • Shares of companies listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)
  • Government securities (Treasury bills and treasury bonds)
  • Commercial paper and corporate bonds
  • Bank fixed deposits
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Offshore investments

2. Is it possible for me to contribute to both the Zimele Personal Pension Plan and my employer’s pension scheme at the same time?

Yes, additional voluntary contributions (AVC’s) is where a member of an employer’s pension scheme chooses to boost their retirement benefits by making additional payments into their employer’s pension scheme or into the Zimele Personal Pension Plan. AVC’s also apply to situations where you contribute over and above the limit on which tax benefits apply.

3. How do you get access to your pension’s savings?

Access to Retirement savings is regulated under the Income Tax Act and the Retirement Benefits Act. You may access your pension savings upon attainment of the retirement age or on early retirement at the age of 50.

4. How often do you get a statement?

Registered members can access their statements on our website www.zimele.co.ke, or at our offices at Ecobank Towers 7th floor, Muindi Mbingu Street Nairobi.

5. How do I plan my pension savings?

Registration is free of charge. The Zimele Personal Pension Plan has devised a three-step program to help you plan your pension savings. With a little help from our customer service desk and online customer response unit, the program is easy to implement. It is designed to help you get started and provide assistance along the way as you make your retirement planning safari.


Note: You do not have access to money in a pension scheme in the same manner as money in a bank savings account. The money is accessible only in certain circumstances prescribed by regulations. Investing in a personal pension plan is a long-term commitment.