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Zimele ChamaManager

ChamaManager is an online platform from Zimele to empower chamas. The platform helps chamas to streamline their administration while growing their money in a secure setting.

How It Works

The platform is anchored on the Zimele Savings Plan which is licensed and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

A chama can open a Zimele Savings Plan account and manage it on the platform. Once the account is opened, members can send money to their account via M-Pesa or Bank. The signatories can initiate withdrawals to members or third parties (such as suppliers when the chama makes a purchase or investment).

Chama members will get SMS alerts on all activities in their account ensuring transparency. Withdrawals will be processed by Zimele to enhance security and sent to the recipient’s M-Pesa or bank account.

How to Join

  1. One signatory will register the Chama details on ChamaManager.
  2. The signatory will also register two other officials of the chama as signatories.
  3. The Chama’s Zimele Savings Plan account number will be sent to the signatory.
  4. One signatory will then register the other members of the Chama to the platform.
  5. Members can now start sending money and viewing their Chama’s activities. 


  1. Chama Details
  2. Signatory Details (Full Names, ID Number, copy of ID, Passport size photo, phone number and email address)
  3. Members Details (Full Names, ID Number, email address, & Phone Number)


  1. Interest-Earning Account: Chamas contributions will be kept in the Zimele Savings Plan where it earns an interest as they plan & save for their next project.
  2. Enhanced Transparency: SMS notifications of all the activities in the account will increase transparency and trust within the chama which is necessary for growth.
  3. Advanced Security: Funds kept with Zimele are invested in safe securities as per the CMA guidelines. The fund also has a trustee (KCB) and a custodian (Standard Chartered) further ensuring the safety of your money. All transactions are done electronically through M-Pesa or Bank guaranteeing a paper trail and therefore more security.
  4. Easy Administration & Accounting: ChamaManager will make administration of the chama and accounting for the contributions easier than ever.
  5. Affordability: ChamaManager is a free service to chamas holding an account with Zimele.