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A Guide to Plan for All Your Financial Goals

We recently turned 21 & that got us thinking, what happens #in21 years? A LOT. You need to plan for it. Here is a template to guide you as you plan.

We recently turned 21 and that got us thinking, what happens in 21 years? A LOT. A baby transforms to a young adult. A teen will no longer be a youth in 21 years. A youth today will be thinking about their growing family. Someone in their 40s will be approaching retirement or even have retired. Basically, a lot will change in 21 years. And you need to plan for it.

Planning for the next 21 years might seem unnecessary, but it is very important. Many people neglect long term planning because we assume that we have time on our hands, but procrastination never leads to any good. It is very important to prepare for these life stages. But one needs to plan for the milestones in between as well. We have to think about long-term planning as well as mid-term and short-term planning.

With that in mind, we thought of the #in21 challenge. It is a template to guide you as you set goals for your life in the short-term and in the long run. Here is how it works.

#in21 Days

Start by thinking about what you want to achieve in the next 21 days. That’s barely a month away. For instance, it can be to clear that mobile loan. Or perhaps you could decide to start your retirement plan during that period. Or you could also upgrade your TV or buy other household items. Find a short-term goal and start working towards it immediately.

Once you figure out what you want in 21 days, figure out what you need to do every day to achieve your goals. This will help you build a habit that can transform your life. After all, we are our habits.

#in21 Weeks

Many people don’t like New Year Resolutions because we always seem to fall off the track somewhere along the way. That’s probably because one year can be a very long time to stick to one thing. Also, it can get boring or difficult.

How about setting resolutions for 21 weeks instead. Five months is long enough to achieve something “significant” and short enough to keep the finish line in sight. A 21 weeks goal also gives you multiple times to restart if you fall along the way.

So, think of something you would normally consider as a New Year’s resolution and break it up to 21 weeks. Are you waiting to start your financial freedom journey in 2020? How about building an emergency fund in the next 21 weeks, then pay off all your small loans in the 21 weeks that will follow and finally save for a vacation in the other 21 weeks? That’s quite manageable.

#in21 Months

21 months is a good time frame to set mid-term goals which can act as a foundation for your long-term financial security. If you are thinking of getting married or starting a family, you can start saving for that today and you will probably have an adequate amount in 21 months. You can decide to pay off all your loans in 21 months. Or perhaps you want to start a biashara. Give yourself 21 months to save for capital and finalize your plans.

#in21 Years

Where will you be in 21 years? What lifestyle do you want to have? Where will your children be? What do you hope for yourself and your family in 21 years? Whatever your answers to these questions are, you need to know that life is a journey. You will be exactly where you led yourself. Your actions every day, from today henceforth, will determine where you will be in 2040.

Set goals, get a budget, pay off your debts, have an emergency fund, save for your goals, get health insurance for you and your loved ones and save for retirement every day. If you plan ahead, we can almost accurately expect that you will be financially secure 21 years ahead. It’s the small steps that lead us there. Little things add up.


Your personal finance strategy needs to incorporate long-term, mid-term and short-term goals. The short-term goals all add up to your mid-term goals and eventually to the long-term goals. Think of it as a life-cycle and a lifestyle change. You are creating a daily habit that will impact your life in the long-term. Possibly forever. And since we have been here for 21 years already, you can count on us to be with you as you achieve those “little” goals next month and when hit your milestones in 2040.