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Personal Finance

Money & Marriage

The art of living easily as to money is to pitch your scale of living one degree below your means. Sir Henry Taylor Much like personal compatibility, couples should figure out how to create financial compatibility with their partner. Managing your finances is difficult. Now imagine adding another person to the mix. One spouse may

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How to Save

He who buys what he does not need, steals from himself. – Swedish Proverb January is the time of year when we set our goals and make plans on how to achieve these goals. One of the most popular goals is to save more. Whether for emergencies or for a particular goal. Even when saving

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Actualizing Financial Goals

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”-Mahatma Gandhi.  What makes financial planning difficult is basic human nature. We want good things now, not in a seemingly distant future we are not sure of anyway. This kind of thinking is, however, problematic because our resources are limited.

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Last Quarter Financial Review

“Wonder is the foundation of all philosophy, inquiry the progress, ignorance the end.”  ~ Michel de Montaigne Executing your personal finance strategy takes more than a New Year’s resolution, it is a continuous process. You need discipline, education and constant reviews of our financial journey throughout the year and indeed your entire life. With only

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Getting Started With Retirement Savings

“Preparation for old age should begin not later than one’s teens: A life which is empty on purpose will not suddenly be filled on retirement “- Dwight L Moody. Saving for retirement is one of the most neglected financial goals, notwithstanding the consequences. Currently, there are also various consumer-friendly products available in the market yet in

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Managing a Chama

Quote of the Week: “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” Sir Winston Churchill. The investment journey is not easy. That’s why it’s important to join hands with like-minded individuals to achieve your goals. Even then, it never gets easy. Investing can be difficult at first especially if you have

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