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The Zimele Chama Manager
Trusted Chama management portal

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Zimele Chama Manager


Get Income statements and Investment Reports quickly.

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All registered members can access their Chama Records Online

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Zimele Chama Manager
Account Management

No more Hustles for the Treasurer to track Chama Investments.

Categorize your investments, Record investments, withdraw investments, Get Investment Reports.
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ChamaManager is an online platform to empower chamas to enable them achieve their goals with ease. The platform helps chama streamline their administration and provides them with an avenue to grow their money in the Zimele Savings Plan.


  • Membership Management

    Manage member information, Register, Update and Remove members from the Group.

  • Member Contributions

    Individual members can deposit their contributions directly to the group account.

  • Account Management

    Zimele ChamaManager records withdrawals, transfers and deposits that are performed on the Zimele Chama's account.

  • Financials

    No More hustles for the treasurer to track how much the chama is worth or has invested.. Get instant reports.

  • Project Management

    One can track projects e.g. Expenses related to developments, and contributions needed to carry out the projects.

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