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Zimele Groups/Chama Package

The Zimele Savings Plan (Money Market Fund) offers a secure and convenient platform for groups/chamas to save and grow their funds.

Minimum contributions starting from Ksh.100. All deposits earn interest, currently at 9.56% per annum.

Ideal For:

  • Welfare groups for families, relatives and friends
  • Chamas
  • Self-help groups
  • Investment groups/clubs
  • Businesses and organizations

Features & Benefits

  • Minimum deposit of Ksh.100

    Deposit any amount starting from Ksh. 100, at your pace.

  • Competitive interest rate

    All deposits earn interest.

  • Interest compounded annually

    The interest is earned on a daily basis and compounded annually. This makes it ideal for both short-term and long-term savings.

  • M-Pesa option for deposits

    Deposit at your own convenience via M-Pesa paybill 501101 or from any bank.

  • Convenient Withdrawals

    Withdraw to your M-Pesa wallet or bank account.

  • Online Statements

    Access and manage your account from the comfort of your home using our customer service portal.

  • Transparency

    You can opt to get notified when your joint account signatory makes a withdrawal.

  • Security

    The fund is licensed and regulated by Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

Group of people holding hads in a circle

Target Savings Calculator​

Calculate how much you need to save to reach your target.

Note: This estimate assumes an average interest rate of 9%

Future Savings Calculator​

Calculate the future value of your savings.

Note: This estimate assumes an average interest rate of 9%

Savings Time Calculator​

Calculate how long it will take to reach your savings target.

Number of Months:

Number of Years:


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I confirm that I am a signatory authorized to act on behalf of the group listed above.
I confirm that the record provided to establish our identity is accurate.
I hereby declare that all of the monies I invest in the Zimele Unit Trust Funds, whether periodically or as a one-off contribution are from a legitimate source, and not from the proceeds of crime, money laundering or other illicit activities.
Furthermore, we accept that should there be any justifiable suspicion as to the possibility that we, or another party acting on our behalf, may have engaged or been a participant in money laundering and related offences as outlined in the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2009, we shall absolve Zimele of any liability and assist the relevant authority with investigations on the same.
I have read and fully understood the contents of this document. I have accepted and complied with the terms and conditions as amended in so far as this application may affect our investments. I indemnify the Trustees, Fund Manager and Custodian of the funds against any contravention of these terms and conditions caused by my failure to comply with any provision thereof.

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