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Zimele Education Plan

Save for Education on Your Own Terms

The Zimele Education Plan is an affordable, flexible, and convenient plan that gives you an opportunity to save for education. With a minimum deposit of ksh.100 you can tailor your own plan and start saving at your own pace.

The funds are invested in interest-earning treasury bonds, treasury bills and infrastructure bonds through the Zimele Fixed Income Fund.

The plan is ideal for saving for school fees whether for the next term or long-term, including setting up a “college fund” for children who are currently at a very young age. 

How to Save for Education

  1. Establish your goal. 
  2. Make a plan for your goal using the calculators below. 
  3. Open account.
  4. Start saving according to your plan.

Typical Education Savings Goals

  1. Saving for the next term’s school fees
  2. Saving for the next level of education i.e. Junior High, Senior High, University/College
  3. Establishing an Education Fund for the entire family.

Common Education Savings Strategies

  1. Saving a fixed amount on a regular basis like monthly or weekly 
  2. Saving a lumpsum amount
  3. Saving at your own pace when you get an income

Features & Benefits

  • Affordable

    Deposit any amount starting from KES. 100, at your pace. No minimum balance required.

  • Flexible

    Make deposits via M-Pesa or Bank of your choice at your own pace. No restrictions. No penalties. No contracts.

  • Convenient

    Access and manage your account from the comfort of your home using our customer service portal.

  • Competitive interest rate

    All deposits earn interest which is compounded monthly.

  • Security

    The fund is licensed and regulated by Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

Types of Account

  • Junior

    Open the account under your child's name & save for their education.

  • Family

    Open a family account and use it as the family's education fund for all children.

  • Individual

    Open a personal account and save to fund your own education.

Target Savings Calculator​

Calculate how much you need to save to reach your target.

Future Savings Calculator​

Calculate the value of your savings in the future when you'll need it.

Savings Time Calculator​

Calculate how long it will take to reach your savings target.