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Personal Pension Plan

The Zimele Personal Pension Plan, also called the growth fund, works on the pooling of funds concept. Your contributions and any additional contributions from a third party, such as an employer, are combined and invested in interest earning assets, including as Treasury bill and Treasury Bonds, and shares of companies listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) on your behalf through the scheme with the objective of ensuring you end up with sufficient pension benefits upon retirement.

It is recommended for people who have a longer period before they attain retirement age since they can take advantage of time for their investments to accumulate attractive returns.

The fund is licensed and regulated by the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA).


Retirement Advisor

Make a retirement Plan.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimum deposit of Ksh.100

    Deposit any amount starting from Ksh. 100, at your pace.

  • Flexible

    You can vary the amount you contribute and the frequency of your contributions.

  • Diversified

    Funds are invested in both interest earning securities and stocks.

  • M-Pesa option for deposits

    Deposit at your own convenience via M-Pesa paybill 4097349 or from any bank.

  • Convenient deposits

    Save at your own convenience. No regular deposits required. No penalties for not contributing for a period of time.

  • Online Statements

    Access and manage your account from the comfort of your home using our customer service portal.

  • Tax Benefits

    Your pension contribution is tax exempt up to Kshs. 20,000 per month or 240,000/- per year. The returns do not attract withholding tax. Once you retire you can withdraw a lump sum amount of Kshs. 600,000 tax free.

  • Security of funds

    The fund is licensed and regulated by The Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA).

Make a Deposit

Paybill Number: 501100


Branch: Custody Services

Account Name: Zimele Personal Pension Plan

Account Number: 11-02-39-1956


SORT Code: 01133

The fund is licensed and regulated by the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA).

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